Sunday, November 22, 2009

Current Obsessions

Just thought it'd be fun to share some of my favorites [right now]:

The Notebook;;

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Yes. Even though the book is much better, I've come to enjoy the passion and strength of the love Noah and Allie share with each other. And the 40's fashion is always a great inspiration ;)

The Temptations;;

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I've reverted back to oldies, mostly from the 60s. To be specific, My Girl has been on repeat for quite awhile...


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Okay so confession... I've been obsessed since early June and I have proceeded to watch every episode since. But seeing as there is a HUGE poster in my room, and I'm re-watching every episode AGAIN, it is definitely still a current :]

Hilary Duff;;

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I love her body and fashion sense! I endeavor to have an in-shape body like hers haha :] I've actually been following her fitness plan [because yes, i am in fact a dork], and it's pretty much been my nutrition Bible :D

Hollister/A&F hoodies;;

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Yes I half-shamefully admit that I have reverted into my highschool obsession of those comfortable but slightly overpriced hoodies that they sell... as in, buying a few more this holiday season most likely :x don't hate!

Working out at the gym;;

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In a previous blog I mentioned that I was in love with Exercise TV and that I would never hit the gym if I could avoid it. Well, guess what, I caved. And I am in love with all the exercise equipment and don't get me started on classes!


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My love for that place has resparked recently. Yes, four years later and I'm still going strong, with my AP as an engagement ring hehe :]

Victoria's Secret Lipgloss;;

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Enough said.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Autumn ending.

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Fall. I prefer the word Autumn :] There’s something poetic about it. It seems to wrap crunchy leaves, clear skies, and pumpkin spice frappucinos in itself, and suggests the feeling of a warm scarf around your neck.

I’ve always taken immense contentment in appreciating the seasons. There is just something so pleasant in noting the changes in the weather, and the passage of time that it signifies.

I sit outside, under a patio made of vine-covered brick, listening to a bird chirp, the fountain bubble, and intellectual conversation around me. I feel the slightest of slight breezes, I take note of the clear blue sky, and I smile as I take in the fresh feeling of a typical fall afternoon at my university.

Fall signifies change. It has been a slow season for romance, as usual. My focus is almost entirely on school and job responsibilities. Family comes in a close second, and my social life is sporadic, though fun.

It is tense each day, because something is bound to change sooner or later and I wonder what this change could be.

Last year it was meeting a new group of friends, it was waiting to be ungrounded, it was reaching into the unknown...

I’m going to Santa Barbara next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. A change of scenery, distance between school and myself, distance between my usual thought process. I wish it could always be so.

Something changed this week. I've just broken down. I'm emotionally exhausted. I'm tired of going around in circles. I'm tired of living in my head.

been there done that way too many times before.

Fall is change.
Autumn is change.
Hello season of different.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

full of possibilities

this past weekend i turned nineteen.

i'm not one to look back on my 18 short years of life for long amounts of time, but i realize that my 18th year could have been better spent.

don't get me wrong, there were MANY good times, few bad times, and spurts of growth, but it wasn't enough. i lived my year out with zest and adventure, but not with passion and purpose.

that is what i want to change this year. my nineteenth year from God.

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i just want to laugh at the little things and love until my heart breaks (again). I want to appreciate what I have, and work for the things I want. I want to grasp my studies, job, responsibilities, and meld them into something i call my career. I want to travel a little bit and gain some more wisdom while i'm at it. I want to seek God, feel His compassion, and follow my calling, if I can hear it.

i just want to freakin LIVE.

i've been way too focused on the now... too focused on the next party, the next meal, the next dance sesh...


can i just experience everything to the utmost part of my soul, mind, and body? can i just feel the fullness of LIFE?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Metal Tooth:

Okay, I'm not saying this because I'm friends with these guys, but this show is hilariousss.

I'll write a review in full later, but for now, just watch the video.

Everyone needs that extra laugh in their life.

Check it out!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Whiling Away A Saturday Afternoon

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Saturday afternoons were meant for recreation and/or relaxation.

I'm fairly certain that it was in God's divine plan to have a day set aside for pure relaxation and enjoyment. (Don't believe me? Read Genesis Chapter 1!)

Though I would rather be out biking by the beach or relaxing with a best friend, I chose today to do two things I've been putting off for a very long time.

First, I'm watching one of my all-time favorite movies (though I've seen it only once), Somewhere In Time.

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It is, in my humble opinion, one of the best, if not the best romantic movies of the past five decades. And the soundtrack just kicks your soul into an uplifted state of beauty.

And I'm also writing. This movie seems to inspire me to write more than any other movie does.

And so, with a glass of cold water in my hand, a wonderful love story unfolding via the TV, the warm breezes of a California autumn singing through the screen door, and my Mac on my lap, I resign myself to a relaxing afternoon at home, without the stress of college.

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These moments are rare. I hope to savor this one :]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I'm driving drunk...arrest me?"

Yes... apparently some people feel the need to turn themselves in to the cops.

It's stupid to drink and drive, but this... this is just a whole new level of WOW.

Monday, November 2, 2009


life without focus is life without a plan.

and unfortunately, despite my tendency to "wing" the little things in life (i.e. homework, exams, weekend plans, etc), i have found that winging life is just another way of watching the next 15 years pass by with little accomplished and much time wasted.

so. focus:

-finding God
-learning to love myself & be happy with who I am
-improving on what I dislike about myself
-finding God's purpose for me
-moving on

It's all about moving forward and sinking inward. Enough about the past, enough about projecting an image, it's time to be real. It's time to LIVE IN THE NOW. It's time to take a look at myself and ask, "seriously, who the hell are you?"

I've stopped caring. I've stopped looking for love, for creativity, for care, for security, for happiness...

Now I'm just living on a day-to-day basis, based off the aforementioned scavenger hunt of discovery, and praying that this whole thing won't be for naught.

Do I make sense? Probably not.