Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, my first year as an adult has ended, and I am happy to see it go. However, I'm only glad to see it leave in lieu of the new year of adventure that awaits me :)

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At the risk of sounding totally nostalgic and pensive I have decided to take a look back on the weirdness of 2009.

If I learned one stark fact of reality, it is this:

Shit happens, and it happens to everyone.

Deal with it! Figure out a way to get through the mess, celebrate the good times, and keep the optimism on high. 2009 has been both fun and hard. The passing of a loved one, a friendship faded into nothing, relationships rising and then dying, going to college... tough things have come to pass, because that's life.

I've made new friends, renewed old friendships, and had so many truly "good times." Plus I've gained some valuable life lessons from it all ;)

I'm so happy--so amazed that I've come through it all just in time to celebrate the end of 2009 with a genuine smile on my face. I have a clear head. I've made it through losing a best friend at the beginning of the year, and my first semester of college, at the end of it. Closure, moving on, finding new life... yeah, I've reached the end of a long tiring story, only to find a new chapter of life about to begin.

I'm better off because of it all.

I end 2009 with a healed, strong heart that is 100% ready to love and be loved when the time comes. I end 2009 with a successful academic career in hand, a new job (Thank you GOD), and many loving persons surrounding me. I end 2009 with new goals and dreams in mind, with many dreams fulfilled.

Essentially, I end 2009 with a sense of contentment and understanding, and replace it with a strong, vibrant hope and determination to live out 2010 to the fullest.

Call me cheesy, call me corny, but I'm ready to begin the new year right: with all the love and wisdom that 2009 was so good to give me.

Bring it on and a happy new year!


Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's safe to say that I have no clue what I'm doing.

Carrying on in a disastrous, impetuous, impulsive way seems to be the only thing I know how to do at present.

All I can say is, thank God that He's in charge of my life, because I'm definitely not.

Stand by for when this storm blows over!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reflections of a First Semester Freshman

Or am I sophomore?

I feel like a freshman, and until my transcripts transfer over, that's what my records say too.

My first year of "college" (community college...) felt like an extension of senior year. Just bsing through classes, hanging out with the bffs, partying on the weekends, arguing with the parents, etc.

Regardless of what year I am, the fact is that this was my first semester at a 4-year university, dorming and being on my own. It was my first real college experience, and as such, it deserves a bit of blog-time.

I left home something resembling an emotional wreck, with low self-esteem and a jagged perspective on life and how to live it. I'm coming back totally changed. My spiritual life is getting back on track, my self-esteem has risen [almost] back to what it used to be, and my perspective on life--school, friends, and boys--has taken a turn for the better. It's awesome.

Nothing miraculous happened. I met some people, made a few friends, did some things that are essential to living a good life, taken a few more steps towards my career etc. But somehow, during my three and a half short months at school, I learned that even when you're feeling really down and everything seems impossible, there are ways to get through the day and to just do what you need to do. Life goes on and you can choose to greet with with a buzzkill frown or you can meet it with a smile and a prayer. Guess which one is better?

I learned to do homework and NOT procrastinate (sometimes), I learned to balance social life and school (for once), and I actually ran more than a mile in one day! I also gained 10 pounds but that's what Winter Break is for, isn't it?

I think one of the most important things I learned this semester is to let it go. Just... stop giving a damn. So things didn't work out like you wanted them to, so you didn't get the job, so all your friends still get money from their parents... so you don't have the perfect life. Whatever. I've learned to count my blessings. I started thanking God for my blessings as I fell asleep and you know what? I honestly have yet to fall asleep thinking I've "had the worst day ever."

I think this rather uneventful semester at school has taught me to think positively, to just press on... it's been good.

It's nice to actually belong to a school too. To actually have a school mascot, school colors, school spirit. Don't homeschool your kids guys, they'll grow up to have a school identity complex.

This is a rather shoddy excuse for a blog and I promise once the craziness of finals has ended I will edit it to accomodate your small, attention span deficiencies but until then, thanks for reading if you got to this point :)

Here's to a wonderful Christmas Break, with zero romance and 100% good times with friends and family.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spring Semester

Well, Fall semester is almost done and I am stoked!

It's been an interesting three months, plenty of struggles but an equal amount of good times, new friends and new memories :)

That being said, I'm also looking forward to Spring semester!


9:30-10:25 Chapel
12:00-1:15 NT History & Lit
1:30-2:45 Math 120
6:00-8:00 Dance


8:30-9:20 Intermediate Swimming
10:30-11:45 Foundations of Christian thought
12:00-1:15 Principles and Practice of Editing and Design
2:30-5:00 Work


9:30-10:25 Chapel
12:00-1:15 NT History & Lit
1:30-2:45 Math 120
3:00-5:50 Intro to Public Relations


8:30-9:20 Intermediate Swimming
10:30-11:45 Foundations of Christian Thought
12:00-1:15 Principles and Practice of Editing and Design
4:03-6:20 Intro to Photo Editing and Design (if they let me add!)


8:00-9:30 Work
9:30-10:25 Chapel
2:00-5:00 Work

And I'll be working whenever I'm not in class ... mostly monday mornings & tuesday afternoons, + friday i believe?
*fingers crossed that this job follows through*

So it looks like Spring will be cuhrazzyyy.
Should be good. Can't wait to see what God has planned :D