Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Missions Conference 2010

So every year Biola takes 3 days off of school to focus on mission outreach around the world.

This has only been the first day but God has already shown us His amazing power and presence in so many ways!

I'll probably post a more in-depth blog about all the things that have been going on but to sum it up in a few words...

Missions Conference provides us with speakers from around the world talking about what it means to have a heart for Christ, awesome worship, and a campus-wide opportunity to raise awareness of all the pain going on in the world, and what we as Christians can do about it.

It's been great and the Holy Spirit just came down on Biola tonight. It was so refreshing to see God at work in such a visible way. Tonight was a reminder of why I chose this school in the first place.

I've been asking God over and over this semester to show me my purpose, where I'm supposed to be going in life. I've been frustrated because I still feel so lost about it. Tonight changed that.

Tonight one of the pastors said that even though this week is about missions, first and foremost we needed to get our hearts right before God, and to figure out the idols in our lives and throw them away.

And that just blew my mind.

Because these past two months, in devotions and in church, freakin everywhere, I have been studying and learning about the importance of putting God first before all idols. Casting out our idols has been a constant message this year. So now I'm starting to think maybe God's trying to tell me something.

And I think that something might be that (in the words of Mitch Hedberg) I have my priorities crooked.

I'm just going to be honest here and say my idols are many, but they all can be summed up in one word: ME.

It's all about me lately. What I wear, what I eat, who I date, what party I go to, where I'll end up, what I need right now, blahblahBLAH. So self-centered, right?

I've been letting my selfish wants and dreams get in the way of God and His voice.

So tonight I just started praying and asking God to remove all the crap and help me to focus on HIM. I need Him to call me out on my sins. Because to confess and be forgiven is to be loved. And having love is needed for having compassion. And compassion is needed to give to others.

It was amazing to have Jesus just love on me tonight, loving on everyone in that room, forgiving me and cleansing my heart for the millionth time. And then to pray with my friends, for them and our struggles, and feeling the Holy Spirit moving and working in our hearts was so... wonderful.

It was the most refreshing, inspiring vision to see my fellow classmates just worshiping God. I know He's going to do great things. I can only pray that He will show me what part I am to play in His plan.

This was only the first day and I'm excited to see what else is going to happen this week but, wow.

I hope to post some links and information about missions trips that are heading out this year and the many different causes to be praying for and supporting.

But for now, I can only muster up the energy to say God is good, God spoke tonight, and even though my purpose in life still isn't clear, He will tell me, when the time is right.

Good night everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patty's,


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