Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye, for a little while.

My room is empty. The walls once covered in posters and pictures are blank, and only a bare mattress remains on the bed frame. My computer bag and Dooney & Bourke are all that are left with me in my room.

The wind is cold as it sails through my window. The sky is overcast, and an odd contrast to the greenery of springtime.

Poetry and metaphors could be used to describe my feelings, but I am a college student at the end of finals week, and creativity of any kind just seems like too much effort.

So instead, all I have to say about all of this is:

It's weird.

It's weird to be packed up and ready to leave Biola--the place I now call home--and back to a house where I don't even have a bedroom. It's weird to think I will be in the South Bay for a whole three months. Even though my school is only 40 minutes from home, it seems like a whole different world. It's weird to say good bye to people, and even sad, because next year is different, and some of the people I say goodbye to, aren't coming back. They aren't coming back, and they live hours, states, and even countries away. And I know I probably won't see them again. Thank God for Facebook I guess.

It's odd to think about my floor mates, who were once strangers, but 9 months down the road have become neighbors, friends, and family. It's odd to think that next year, it won't be my friends who live across from me, but girls who I haven't even met yet. I'm excited to meet new friends, but it feels strange to say goodbye to the girls. We will still be friends, but the whole neighbor thing will be missed greatly.

This year was so fun. It wasn't the "best year ever!" but it was definitely great.

I am a different person now, than when I first moved in.

The people I've met, the things I've done... it's all changed me. Maybe not drastically, but it has been a change for the better. I've grown up a lot and I think that's a good thing. I've learned how to become a better friend, sister, daughter and follower of Christ.

I was not a happy camper when I first moved into Biola. I was stoked to start college, but there was just "emotional baggage" that I brought with me. My priorities weren't right either. I was just this 18-year-old kid who was bent on the next best thing, the next party, getting what was mine, etc. etc.

But then gradually, from August up to now in May, things changed. The baggage has been tossed out to sea and forgotten. I've gained a better understanding of what is important in life, and what I want to do in the next few years. I still like going out and being crazy, but there are other things out there I find more important, suddenly.

I wasn't sure about my major when I arrived at school, but after the classes and ecc's I've done, I know I have chosen the right path, at least for now ;)

Oh, and one little thing is I've learned to lean on God and to pursue a relationship with Him.

But seriously, it's been kind of cool to see how God removed all the crap that was with me at the beginning of the year, and replaced it with so many wonderful people and memories :) He's restored my confidence and happiness tenfold what it was before. It's been great.

My friends, my floor, my major... My first year at Biola can definitely be called a success :D

I'm SO stoked for summer, starting with this weekend, already filled with plans with friends and family.

But I'm also stoked for the fall.

Biola peeps, I will miss you! And I can't wait to see you in the fall!

I hope everyone has a fabulous summer, and I can't wait to hear all the stories in three months time.

That being said, I have one last final to conquer before summer officially starts so peace!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A litttle prayer for Biolians.

Dear God,

Finals week is upon us.

Sickness, stress, lack of sleep, and foggy brains are closing in.

We all know we are going to make it to the end in one piece... or at least, with half of our sanity, but we could use some of Your strength during this time!

I pray a blessing over all the Biola students.

I pray for more laughter than tears, more prayer than complaint, and more trust than self-doubt.

I pray for peace and clarity.

Please help us to finish well!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Things that got me through Spring Semester.

18 units. Two jobs. 18-hour days.

Things were a bit busy this semester. There was a lot to deal with, taking 8 classes that had me working like a banshee ten times out of ten, a new job to get adjusted to (read: receptionist = major multitasking at times), chapels to slide and glide attend, and people to deal with.

It has been the typical spring semester of a typical college student. Some people cope in the form of break downs, some people booze it up on the weekends, some people eat... a lot, and some sleep all day, all in the name of relieving the stress and pressures of daily life.

I didn't have a break down [yet], I sleep in maybe once a month if I'm lucky, and my weekends have been relatively mellow... so how did I get through it all?

1. Secret Life Of The American Teenager/The Hills/Gossip Girl

The acting talent in Secret Life is brilliant only when compared to The Hills, and the materialistic, overly sexual bitches on Gossip Girl makes The Hills girls seem positively tame (well, it HAS been a pretty boring season anyway...), and the scenarios on The Hills seem realistic only when compared to the impossible plot lines of Secret Life... Here's my point: I am unashamedly addicted to trash TV. When I come home from a long day of class and work laden with a take-out box of salad and a sandwich, I adore uploading the latest episode of whatever TV show from the night before and vegging for a good hour before resuming the activity professors call "studying" but I prefer to use the more accurate term "kicking my ass."

2. Frozen Yogurt

I gained the freshman 15 from an overdose of popcorn, cookies, frosting (yes, just plain frosting and lots of it) last semester. This semester I've been eating more healthy, but as such I am deprived of the stress-induced foods I crave. Read: no sweets. But frozen yogurt (piled with oodles of fruit and maybe some mochi) has provided an outlet for my stomach's angst. And it's a sweet treat and a welcome reprise to look forward to every Thursday and Saturday.

3. Hot tubbing

Once a week. Two hours. Two besties. All of a sudden, my sanity comes back.

4. Ocean Star by Christina DiMari

It's her memoir. I wrote about it in an earlier post but anyway, totally helped charge my relationship with God and helped me gain a better understanding of what it means to let go of things, and put complete trust in Him. It helped me get through the rough patches and times of uncertainty. Plus it inspired me to start the whole drawing/writing/creating thing again :) She has inspired me to live life to the fullest. As cheesy as that sounds, life took on a whole new meaning after reading this book!

5. God

He knows me best. He never lets me fall. He loves me and fills me up with I start to feel lonely or hurt again. He's there when I mess up, He's there when I do the right thing. When stress clouds my mind, Jesus clears my heart.

*big huge melodramatic sigh*

And with that being said, it's time to hit the books again... Finals are right around the corner.

But then again... SUMMER is right around the corner :D :D :D

Peace out!