Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, a couple days ago I was praying and this really cool vision popped into my head and I thought I would write it out.

I have a lot of things, and I care about a lot of things. I like my clothes, I like my car, I take full advantage of the parks, restaurants, Disneyland, concerts etc. that entertain me.

As I was praying I saw myself surrounded by a huge crowd of people, we were all walking and going about our lives. There were bright colors, and materialism abounded, it was just a crowded place.

But all of a sudden, it grew dim. The people faded into thin outlines of themselves and the rest of the world became a dull gray-ish blue. But it wasn't ugly. The physical features of the people had faded into nothing, but each person had a bright, warm gold heart radiating from himself.

These hearts burned like fire and emanated different qualities and patterns of flames from each person.

It reminded me of how I think God sees the world. How we, as Christians, should see the world.

Everything fades away. Nature, iphones, worries and cares, and even people. What really makes the world a substantial place to live, are the souls. Every person we pass has a story to tell, a special gift to share. It doesn't matter what they have or don't have, how annoying they are etc. Each person has a brilliant heart, a light that would burst forth if we took the time to notice.

Some lights are darker than others, and grow dim, but the point is, each person has it.

In my vision, these golden hearts remained intact within each person, but occasionally the hearts would touch each other and then streams of light, liquid gold flames and patterns would ignite.

That's what happens when friendships and relationships are formed. When we take the time to acknowledge someone, or help someone, we interact and something happens.

God tells us to love as He loved us. I can't really wrap my brain or heart around that concept and I do a pretty fantastic job of doing just the opposite of love. But this vision helped me to see how the world we live in is really nothing in the long run. It will all fade. In fact, it should be faded now. We should see the people, their hearts and their lives, as the real thing. We should see what God sees.

I want to try and actively do this. It's always hard to love the way Jesus does. But this vision really helps me to try :)


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