Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He Is Here

Today was kind of legit.

On the outside it was just a normal day: class, chapel, work, gym, homework.

On the spiritual side it was beyond awesome.

It started with morning devotions. I read John 15:1-5, the verses about being the branches and clinging to God like a vine. "Abide in Me" Scripture says. Now, the word ABIDE has been showing up everywhere lately--chapels, classes, Scripture--so I decided today would be the day I paid attention and looked up the word on dictionary.com

There are several definitions but the ones that were most applicable were to remain, to dwell in, to continue in a certain relationship/attitude, to endure.

God says to ABIDE IN HIM. To remain in, dwell in, continue serving, to endure... in Him. To abide in Him. And while I was meditating on that, I found it really hard to accept it. Yes, I want to abide in Him and listen to His words but sometimes I just don't want to listen to it all. I get tired of it. And it sucks. But I just need to keep pressing on and believing in God's love. We'll get there.

So that was the morning. Then I went to chapel. By the end there was no doubt the Holy Spirit was there. We are on the brink of Missions Conference, something that really impacted me last year. The theme this year is ABLAZE. The goal is to start a fire in our souls for what God is on fire for, and to find ways to move forth in His spirit. Yeah. Pretty awesome.

Two girls shared their stories of how they had to cast down idols [something God showed me I need to do last year], and then how listening to the Holy Spirit and His promptings from day to day can bless others and yourself. It hit home. It just did. I always get those promptings... to talk to this person, to pray for that person etc. But a lot of times I don't listen. I just tell myself to stop thinking about it, I have other things I really need to get done.

But I mean, if those promptings... if some of them are from the Holy Spirit, I really need to listen up. The Father is going to carry out His will without me or not. He doesn't need me. But if I can be a part of it, and let the Holy Spirit work through me, that's just an awesome experience. That's serving God. Glorifying Him through His own works. Wow.

And then there's the whole issue of idols. It's getting better but there are some things that get in the way of my relationship with God. But that's for another entry...

So we worshiped. And prayed. And felt the Holy Spirit saying, "These next three days will be phenomenal if you'll let me work in you."

Then I went to class. Where, wouldn't you know it, we are studying the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Again, amazing stuff. Learning about the Spirit in relation to the Trinity. One of the final things we closed with was how the Holy Spirit provides us with specific gifts we use to do God's works. Again, the whole letting the Spirit move you and through you thing.

I still haven't really wrapped my mind around it yet, or my heart even. But I do know I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me today. God was saying it's time to break down the walls, break out of the comfort zone and let HIM take control. Let HIM do the planning, the working. I need to live and live ablaze for Him.

I need to listen to Him.

He. Is. Here.

He is everything, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal and everlasting. Glorified and holy. Invincible.

I humbly ask to partake in His will, and hopefully break down my pride, my fears, my doubts, my distractions, and simply abide in Him.

This week is going full speed ahead. Night!


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